egoSurf – ego surfing without the guilt

What is egoSurf ?

Find your place, know your place™. Take a look at our about page. We’ve not got a mission statement.
So, how does it work ?
Simple. You enter your name and your blogs web address. We search google and find links to your blog. We calculate your ego ranking.

We show you where your blogs appear in the search engines. Did we mention that we can search in Yahoo, MSN, and Technorati too? Got more than one blog or site? No problem, we can look for lots.

We also keep track of your rankings over time, so you can see how your site moves through the blogosphere. How’s this for stroking ?

Hmm, still not quite there ?
Perhaps this will help?

Say, I’m Bill Gates. No, really, just say it. You know, I’d really like to know that if people put „bill gates“ into google, they’d find me. Me? Oh, sorry, I mean my sites – and So, I’m straight over to for this…

I stick „bill gates“ into the search phrase, and „,“ into the web resources part. I can stick as many web domains into this box as I like, as long as I seperate them with commas or spaces. Neat, huh? By default, egoSurf will search for my ego-stroking results, but if I wanted to also search (for example), I just click the „more option“ link and select the search engine option.

I click „find your place“, and boy, just look at me …
Why do I need to egoSurf ?
egoSurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself.

We, the publishers of this here internet thing, need the occasional massage, the odd stroke. We aren’t paid. We aren’t recognised. Our sites hit count used to be enough, but no longer.
What do I enter as a search term ?
Depends. If it’s an ego stroking you’re looking for, put your name in. Sometimes it works better with quotes around you name (i.e. „jason hyland“), but it’s unlikely thay anyone will do a real search like that.

But you can enter any term you’d like to check out. For example, I blog on a site about the Microsoft Biztalk rule engine, so I’d like to see where I’d come out if someone entered tracing rules execution in google. Am I the „biztalk rules tracing“ maestro?

My wife runs a store called, so she wants to see where it appears when people search for cute gifts. If you think about it for a minute, you can egoSurf for lots of stuff.
What do I enter in the „your blog and stuff“ ?
This is just a list of your web sites, seperated by commas or spaces. egoSurf checks the search engines results against these addresses to identify a hit or a miss. Of course you don’t have to own them.

You often shouldn’t enter the sites with the „www.“ prefix – just the domain part is enough. This allows us to match any subdomains too. Here’s a list of valid entries;


Note that you may also specify folders where, as in the example of „“ above, shared blogs might exist on a single domain.
We do our best to tell you if you’ve got it wrong.

What are ego points ?

A highly secretive and complex algorithm developed over months of work, utilising the best mathematics brains in Weston-super-Mare, to calculate the cubic volume (in cm3) of ego contained in your search engine experience.

Don’t ask – would you have asked Larry and Sergey about pagerank?

Why are my ego points changing?

We love this planet

We also love egos, but the reality is that they need nurturing and feeding. Over time, without the love and attention they so rightfully deserve, they start to wane. And so it is with your egopoints. No longer can you expect to strut the top of the ego rankings. Oh no.

Egopoints now biodegrade. They have an atomic half-life.

What is a deep search?

Using our patent pending deepthroat™ search technology, we seek deeper than most. Using one degree of separation, we look at each page retrieved by the search engines, and seek out links to your sites.

This deep searching routes out even the most obscure references. Our finely tuned egopoints algorithm is then applied to the search result.

WTF? I got 0 ego points?

Are you a big time zero ? A loser of the highest order ? We wouldn’t pass judgement, but there could be a number of reasons whilst your egometer is on empty.

The first culprits are often the domain names or web sites you’ve provided. Check they are valid. Then check your default search options to make sure you’ve selected the search engine you’re intersted in. If these all look ok, you could try entering your search term in quotes (i.e. „search term“). Try a deep search, as this looks considerably deeper into the web for matches.

If all else fails, well maybe you are a big fat zero after all ?

My search term is suspended?

Alas, some egos cannot be satisfied. If our search engine gets spammed, we start throttling, and then we start suspending. After a while the search terms become available again. So, take a chill pill and try later.

I want more search engines – give me more !

We do the big ones – Google, Yahoo, MSN, and we’ve added and Technorati too. Check out your „more options“ under the „find your place™“ search button. You can specify which search engines to use and the country version. We are working on adding many more.

RSS Feeds ?

This is a great little feature. We provide search histories in RSS 2.0 feeds. Just do a search, then look for the „ rss feed“ link. Add this to your feedburner.

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